DR 1 Biss Key On SES 5 at 5.0°E New Frequency

Biss Key DR 1 New Frequency On SES 5 at 5.0°E

DR 1 is a Danish channel owned and operated by the Danish Corporation. The channel was launched on October 2, 1951 under the name Statsradiofonien TV. Originally, the channel aired content for only one hour three times a week. The channel would undergo quite a few re-brandings in subsequent years, only to settle with the name DR 1 in 1996. It is considered as the flagship channel of the Danish Corporation over its sister channels, DR 2 and DR 3.

Over the years, DR 1 has been labeled as a general entertainment channel, with its wide range of topics going from news , drama series, entertainment programs, sports, children’s programming, reality shows, and more. The channel airs most of its content in Danish language, although some shows that were imported from the U.S., Australia, or the United Kingdom have been aired in their original languages with Danish subtitles. Most of the programs aired on this channel over the years have been in-house productions, but there have been co-productions with other Nordic television companies via the conglomerate known as Nordvision.

Speaking about sports, the channel has frequently been used to air high-profile sports events such as the UEFA Euro, the Women’s UEFA Euro Qualifying, the U-21 UEFA Euro, and the FIFA World Cup. Most of the games aired by the channel have included the Danish National Football Team.

DR 1 was launched as a Standard Definition channel, but a High-Definition feed was made available to all users in Denmark to enhance their viewing experience. Both the SD and HD feeds may still be available on some regions of this country.

DR 1 Biss Key on Satellite New Frequency
5.0°ESES 5
11305 H30000, 3/4DVB-S2, 8PSK, MPEG-4, HDVideoguard
0.8°WThor 6
10903 H25000, 3/4DVB-S2, 8PSK, MPEG-4, HD 720Conax, Videoguard
21048 L6368, 3/4DVB-S2

DR 1 New Biss Key 2021

FIFA World Cup
FIFA World Cup (2018-2022)

Live of games on television, with the games available and on mobile live and on-demand.

UEFA Euro (2021)

DR has acquired to the UEFA EURO 2020 tournament in Denmark. The network will show 32 of the competition’s 51 matches, including Denmark’s first and third group stage matches against Finland and Russia respectively, plus the championship final.

DRTV will carry all the matches along with exclusive content, namely pre and post match analysis, interviews, key highlights and full coverage on its channels as well as.

UEFA Euro U-21
UEFA Euro U-21 (2017-2021)
UEFA Women's Euro Qualifying
UEFA Women’s Euro Qualifying (2020-2021)

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