RIK 2 Biss Key On Hellas Sat 4 at 39.0°E New Frequency

Biss Key RIK 2 New Frequency On Hellas Sat 4 at 39.0°E

RIK2 or CyBC2 is a the second public channel in Cyprus. Programming is typically news and culturally related.

RIK 2 Biss Key on Satellite New Frequency
39.0°EHellasSat 3
12441 V23670, 2/3DVB-S2, 8PSK
39.0°EHellasSat 4
10730 H30000, 5/6DVB-S2, 8PSK
RIK 2 New Biss Key 2021
FIFA World Cup
FIFA World Cup (2018-2022)
UEFA Euro (2021)
UEFA Nations League
UEFA Nations League (2018-2021)

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