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Sky HD Biss Key On Sky Mexico 1 at 78.8°W New Frequency

Biss Key Sky HD New Frequency On Sky Mexico 1 at 78.8°W

Sky México is a satellite TV service owned by Televisa and Grupo AT&T and operated by the Vrio Corporation. The company was launched on July 25, 1996, and it has established itself as one of the most relevant pay-tv services in the country.

Over the years, Sky México has made a name for its exclusive. Added to that, the service has included exclusive channels on its grid to boost their sales as a result. Sky has included some of the most watched channels in the country, such as free-to-air channels, educational channels, entertainment networks, sports channels, movie channels, music networks, musical channels, pay-per-view channels, and more.

Speaking about sports, Sky México has included some of the most important channels in the world, such as TUDN, ESPN, Fox Sports, the NFL Network, the Golf Channel, and others. Added to those channels, some of Sky’s subscription deals have included their own batch of sports channels, known as Sky Sports, where football, baseball, hockey, basketball, and other sports are available for fans to.

Football tournaments available on Sky Sports over the years have included the English Premier League, the EFL Championship, the Spanish Primera División, the German Bundesliga, the FA Cup, the Spanish Copa del Rey, and the FA Women’s Super League, to name a few. International tournaments have also been available on Sky México, such as the UEFA Euro, the Copa América, and the FIFA World Cup for both men and women.

Sky México offers a wide variety of channels on both Standard Definition and High Definition. Users will be able to access either feed, or both, depending on the package they acquired.

Sky HD Biss Key on Satellite New Frequency
58.0°WIntelsat 21
11720 H30000, 3/5DVB-S2, 8PSK
11740 V30000, 3/5DVB-S2, 8PSK
11840 H30000, 5/6DVB-S
11860 V30000, 3/5DVB-S2, 8PSK
11960 H30000,DVB-S
11980 V30000,DVB-S
12000 H30000,DVB-S
12020 V30000,DVB-S
12040 H30000,DVB-S
12060 V30000,DVB-S
12080 H30000,DVB-S
12100 V30000,DVB-S
12120 H30000,DVB-S
12140 V30000,DVB-S
12160 H30000,DVB-S
12180 V30000,DVB-S
78.8°WSky Mexico 1
11720 H30000,DVB-S, HD
11740 V30000,DVB-S, HD
11800 H30000,DVB-S, HD
11820 V30000,DVB-S, HD
11880 H30000,DVB-S
11900 V30000,DVB-S, HD
11920 H30000,DVB-S, HD
11940 V30000,DVB-S, HD
11960 H30000,DVB-S
11980 V30000,DVB-S
12000 H30000,DVB-S, HD
12020 V30000,DVB-S, HD
12040 H30000,DVB-S, HD
12060 V30000,DVB-S, HD
12080 H30000,DVB-S
12100 V30000,DVB-S, HD
12120 H30000,DVB-S, HD
12140 V30000,DVB-S, HD
12160 H30000,DVB-S
12180 V30000,DVB-S, HD

Sky HD New Biss Key 2021

UEFA Euro (2021)

Sky Mexico has secured the exclusive for the UEFA EURO 2020 competition in Mexico, with matches featured in full HD. Viewers in Mexico will be able to follow the tournament live and on-demand. Live-can be accessed via Sky Mexico’s OTT subscription service, Blue To Go.

FIFA Confederations Cup
FIFA Confederations Cup (2021)
UEFA Nations League
UEFA Nations League (2018-2021)
World Cup Qualifying
World Cup Qualifying (2020-2022)
Premier League
England – Premier League (2019-2022)
La Liga
Spain – La Liga (2018-2021)

Sky Mexico has acquired the Mexican pay-tv rights to the Spanish La Liga in a five-year deal which concludes at the end of the 2019-20 season.

Germany – Bundesliga (2020-2022)

Sky Mexico has acquired pay-to the German Bundesliga in Mexico and Central America. The deal agreed with Bundesliga International will see Sky Mexico exclusively air three Bundesliga matches every week, along with other matches on a non-exclusive basis. Relegation and promotion playoffs will additionally feature on the network.

Germany – DFL-Supercup (2020-2022)

Sky Mexico has obtained the rights to air the German Supercup live in Mexico and Central America, following a multi-year agreement with Bundesliga International—the commercial arm of Germany’s top football league.

Copa del Rey
Spain – Copa del Rey (2018-2021)
England – Championship (2018-2021)
Women's Super League
England – Women’s Super League (2019-2022)
Bundesliga 2
Germany – Bundesliga 2 (2020-2022)

Sky Mexico has secured the to the German 2. Bundesliga in Mexico and Central America. The subscription TV network will air live matches from Germany’s second-tier division, as well as promotion playoffs.

Copa América
Copa América (2021)

Sky Mexico has secured the exclusive for the 2021 Copa América tournament in Mexico, with all 28 matches featured in full HD. Viewers in Mexico will be able to follow the tournament live and on demand. Live-can be accessed via Sky Mexico’s (over-the-top) OTT subscription service, Blue To Go Video.

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