YLE TV2 Biss Key On Thor 6 at 0.8°W New Frequency

Biss Key YLE TV2 New Frequency On Thor 6 at 0.8°W

YLE TV2 is a Finnish channel owned and operated by Finnish public YLE. It was the second channel to see the light in Finland, with its launch taking place on March 7, 1965 under the name TV-ohjelma 2. That name would last until 1971, when its named was changed to YLE TV2. It has frequently been categorized as Finland’s second most-watched channel in the country behind its sister channel YLE TV1.

Over the years, YLE TV2 has been known as a general entertainment channel, with news broadcasts, entertainment shows, reality shows, musical , documentaries, sports , and more being included in its programming. Sports broadcasts have frequently given the channel some of the highest ratings in its history.

Speaking about sports, YLE TV2 has included live for disciplines such as football, golf, ice hockey, badminton, basketball, Olympic sports, futsal, handball, and more. Domestic competitions have frequently been available on this platform, but international tournaments have also been on this service. When it comes to football, games for the Finnish National Teams have been the core of YLE TV2’s coverage.

YLE TV2 was launched as a Standard Definition channel, but a High-Definition feed was developed to mirror the content aired by the SD channel. That feed would see the light on January 28, 2014, giving users a chance to choose the feed that suits their needs, as both feeds may still be available in most regions of the country.

YLE TV2 Biss Key on Satellite New Frequency
0.8°WThor 6
10872 H25000, 3/4DVB-S2, 8PSK, MPEG-4, HDConax, Videoguard
YLE TV2 New Biss Key 2021
FIFA World Cup
FIFA World Cup (2026)

YLE has obtained 2026 FIFA World Cup rights in Finland. The public-service broadcaster will share its coverage of the tournament with MTV3. YLE will show 40 World Cup matches, including the final.

FIFA Women's World Cup
FIFA Women’s World Cup (2023)

YLE has snatched exclusive Finnish to the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup and will air all 64 matches across its various platforms. The public-service will show at least one game on a daily basis during the tournament, including the semis and final.

UEFA Euro (2021)
UEFA Nations League
UEFA Nations League (2022-2028)

Following a six-year deal with UEFA that will start in 2022, YLE will show live UEFA Nations League matches involving Finland’s national team from 2022 to 2028.

UEFA Euro Qualifying
UEFA Euro Qualifying (2022-2028)

YLE has regained the to the matches of Finland’s national team throughout their UEFA Euro 2024 and UEFA Euro 2028 qualifying runs. The public-service deal with UEFA was made through the CAA Eleven agency and covers six years, from 2022 to 2028. YLE is expected to show Finland’s UEFA Euro matches in high definition on TV and on its digital service YLE Areena.

World Cup Qualifying
World Cup Qualifying (2024-2026)

YLE will show matches from Finland’s national team throughout their FIFA World Cup 2026 qualifying run. The Finnish secured the rights to the country’s full matches as part of a major agreement with UEFA that will last for six years, from 2022.

Friendly (2022-2028)

Public-service YLE will air Finland’s friendly matches live on TV and from 2022 to 2028. The matches will be aired in HD, with auxiliary programming expected to be made available to viewers.

Coppa Italia
Italy – Coppa Italia (2018-2021)
UEFA Euro U-21
UEFA Euro U-21 (2017-2021)

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