New Biss Key

Signal-6 Biss Key On Eutelsat 10A at 10.0°E New Frequency

Biss Key Signal-6 New Frequency On Eutelsat 10A at 10.0°E

Fréq: 3900- L – 3750
MPEG 4 – 4:2:0 – HDTV
ID: Signal-6
CW: B0 50 DB DB 65 F6 80 DB

Signal-6 On Eutelsat 10A at 10.0°E New Biss Key
SatelliteEutelsat 10A at 10.0°E
Channel NameSignal-3
Symbol Rate3750
SystemMPEG 4 – 4:2:0 – HDTV
Biss Key

Biss Key

E4 81 1E EC AA 5F 1B 6C

31 39 4C B6 41 52 6F 02

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