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Madhur Matka Result Chart Today Update 28 November 2021

Madhur matka result today: Satta madhur matka chart results 28 November 2021 – get matka guessing, fix matka, matka jodi, satta matka updates

Madhur Matka Result Moment Night, Live request map panel 28 November 2021, Moment live results updates of Madhur Matka, Kalyan Matka, Dp Matka, further Satta Batta.

Madhur Matka may be a range game supported still noble you ’re at estimate the winning range. during this system of numeration, you ’ll be suitable to guess a range of kinds like Open, Close, Jodi, Panel, Sangam, Jackpot among others. you ’ll be suitable to jointly essay the Associate in a Nursing unstoppable trick that was SECRET until now.

What’s madhur Matka?

Matka could be easy lottery- style dissipated game that involves approximation 2 arbitrary figures between 1-9.

Among manystyles of requests, you ’ll win up to 999x your stake by duly approximation the proper sequence of figures.

Card performances of Matka, that square measure enjoyed by Indian Casino druggies, have jointly been developed over the times.

How to play Matta Matka?

The game starts with the player choosing their 1st set of 3 figures between zero and nine, for illustration one, 4, 7.

These 3 figures square measure also fresh up – 1 4 7 = twelve. the primary number of that total variety is born, feat‘2’.

The final choice also sounds likeone, 4, 7 * 2.
The player also picks their alternate set of figures in barelyidenticalapproach, for illustration two, 6, 8.
2 6 8 = 16, feat you with half dozen because of thechoice. The alternate set of figures is therefore two, 6, 8 * 6.

Once your full choice is verified – during this case, 1, 4, 7 * 2 X 2, 6, 8 * 6 – you decide on your bet. There square measure variety of colorful bets you ’ll place supported the figures you ’ve got chosen, as well as a bet that will come 9x your stake on whether or not your 1st choice (in this case, 2) is correct.
After you ’ve got placed your bets, the winning figures are drawn willy-nilly and every one winning bets areimmediately paid out.

History of madhur Matka Result

The game began once bets habit to be placed on the gapand shutting figures of the cotton rates that were transferred to the civic center Cotton Exchange from the the big apple Cotton Exchange.

That practise was unlawful in 1961, howeverthe fashion of game continuingonceit had beenprojectedthat folksmightmerely punt on aimlessly-generated figures rather.

Pakistani switch Khatri projected that the figures be written on particulars of paper and drawn from a‘matka’, a kind of pot.




10:15 AM 11:15 AM

Online madhur Matka Result Live SHALIMAR MORNING244-08-369

(10:10 am 11:10 am)VINAYAK DAY159-54-248

(11:15 pm 12:15 pm)SRI SAI DAY348-55-500

(11:10 pm 12:10 pm)MADHURI460-01-128

(11:20 am 12:20 pm)JAI CHIRANJEEVA368-75-500

(11:30 am 12:30 pm)MADHUR MORNING179-70-127

(11:30am 12:30pm)VIDARBHA MORNING239-47-269

(11:30 am 12:30 pm)TAHALKA DAY124-76-330

(12:50 pm 01:50 pm)MINAKSHI DAY590-40-334

(11:00 am 12:00 pm)RUKMANI DAY139-35-339

(01:15 pm 03:15 pm)TIME BAZAR127-07-188
(01:00 pm 02:00 pm)

MADHUR DAY134-86-123

(01:15 pm 02:15 pm)SUPER GOLDEN DAY358-64-112

(01:30 pm 03:00 pm)MANIPUR DAY345-2

(03:05 pm 05:05 pm)NEW DADAR BAZAR550-08-189

(02:45 pm 03:45 pm)MILAN DAY578-09-388

(03:00 pm 05:00 pm)MAIN BARELY DAY145-07-223

(03:10 pm 05:10 pm)RAJDHANI DAY124-74-130

(03:00 pm 05:00 pm)SHALIMAR DAY890-79-469

(03:30 pm 05:30 pm)KALYAN345-25-357

(03:45 pm 05:45 pm)VINAYAK NIGHT257-4

(06:10 pm 08:10 pm)MINAKSHI NIGHT358-65-168

(07:00 pm 08:00 pm)SRI SAI NIGHT240-6

(07:10 pm 08:10 pm)TAHALKA NIGHT***-**-***

(7:15 pm 08:15 pm)MADHURI NIGHT257-47-467

(08:30 pm 10:30 pm)RUKMANI NIGHT360-95-258

(08:35 pm 10:35 pm)MADHUR NIGHT140-54-149

(08:30 pm 10:30 pm)


(09:00 pm 11:00 pm)KALYAN NIGHT469-96-330

(09:15 pm 11:35 pm)RAJDHANI NIGHT578-07-890

(09:25 pm 11:34 pm)MAIN BAZAR127-08-800

(09:35 pm 12:05 am)MAIN BARELY158-43-148
(09:40 pm 12:10 am)

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