Nsport Plus New Frequency On Hotbird 13B/13C/13E at 13.0°E

Nsport Plus Biss Key On Hotbird 13B/13C/13E at 13.0°E New Frequency

Frequency Nsport Plus on Hotbird 13.0 ° east 2017/2018
Fréquence Nsport Plus la chaine pologne de sport diffusée sur Hotbird 2017/2018
Satellite : Hotbird 13.0 ° East :
Channel : Nsport Plus – Nsport +
Frequency : 11449
Symbol rate : 27500
Polarisation : H
The Polish sport channel nSport+ or Nsport plus owned by ITI Group  the package (NC+ Orange Polska Telewizja na kartę)  the channel many sports events and many football sports tournaments like :
live UEFA Champions League UEFA Europa League UEFA Super on Nsport+ channel
also live boxing on thissame  polish sports channel
SatelliteHOTBIRD 13C
Orbital Position13° EAST
Frequency11.449 GHz

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