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Ictimai TV Biss Key New Frequency On Azerspace-1 46° East 2022

Ictimai TV New Biss Key On Azerspace-1 46° East New Frequency 2022
Biss Key Ictimai TV On Hotbird 13C at 13.0°E

11296 H 27500
Ictimai TV
old key: 12 12 12 36 12 12 12 36

AzerSpace 46°E
Ictimai TV
Key.12 34 56 9C 65 43 21 C9

New Freq {46.E} ictimai
11135 H 27500
Ictimai TV
11169H 20400 QPSK 46.0°E ( AzerSpace 1)
New SID : 0003
New PMT : 0022
New ECM : 1f9A
11169H 20400 Left!
New Freq {46.E}
11175 H 27500 5/6 DVB-S/QPSK
Ictimai TV Biss Key on Satellite New Frequency
11175 H27500, 5/6DVB-S, MPEG-2
13.0°EHot Bird 13C
11296 H27500, 5/6DVB-S, MPEG-2

İctimai (Azerbaijani: İctimai Televiziya, Public Television Azerbaijani pronunciation: [itʃtimɑˈi teleˈvizijɑ]) or İTV is a public channel in Azerbaijan. It officially began on 29 August 2005 after being created by law in 2004, as the first independent public broadcaster in Azerbaijan. The channel is based in Baku.

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