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Zee Classic Biss Key On NSS-6 @95.0E New Frequency 2022

Biss Key ZEE CLASSIC New Frequency On NSS-6 @95.0E 2022

NSS-6 @95.0E
Added On DISH TV
TP: 12402 H 43000

Zee Classic Movies TV Channel Frequency Badr 6

Zee Classic last updated 2021-03-03
Position Satellite Frequency
88.0°E ST 2 11609 H
83.0°E G-Sat 10 11470 V

my Zee Classic Movies TV Channel frequency on Badr 6 26.0° East

H frequency of my Zee Classic Movies TV.
The my Zee Classic Movies channel broadcasts programs, from Undefined country in the English language, last updated time on January 23, 2016. my Zee Classic Movies which considered to view as a Paid satellite TV channel.
  • Channel Name: my Zee Classic Movies TV
  • Satellite: Badr 6
  • Position: 26.0° East
  • Encryption: Conax
  • Language: English
  • Country: Undefined
  • Category:
  • Package: Zee
  • Coverage: Badr6-BSS
  • BandKu Band

The Frequency of my Zee Classic Movies TV on Badr 6 :

my Zee Classic Movies on Badr 6 Live for free.
TV Logo TP Bandwidth VPID PMT TID
6 MYHD ARABSAT, 61.3 Mbps 2101 8PSK 201 TID:5
  • Channel Name : my Zee Classic Movies TV
  • Satellite Name :Badr 6
  • Frequency : 11823
  • Polarization : Vertical
  • Symbol Rate: 27500 3/4

my Zee Classic Movies TV Frequencies on satellites:

TV Logo Channel Satellite Frequency / Pol / SR
my Zee Classic Movies Badr 6 11823 | V | 27500 3/4

Channels to my Zee Classic Movies

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