Gazi TV New Biss Key On Apstar-7 Frequency 2022 at 76.5°E

Gazi Television New Biss Key

Gazi Television is also known as GTV is a Bengali language digital cable television channel. The channel offers a wide variety of programming including news, movies, dramas, talk shows, sports like cricket and more. It is transmitted from its studio at Segun Bagicha in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The channel started broadcast in Bangladesh on 12 June 2012.

In 2014 this channel bought television broadcasting right from BCB for US$18 million for 6 years (from 2014 to 2020) and  In 2016 it also bought broadcasting rights of BPL from BCB. Gazi TV is mainly known for broadcasting live Cricket Matches.

Channel Frequency and Details

Channel NameGazi TV
Satellite NameBangabandhu 1 119.1°E
Frequency4625 H
Symbol Rate4800
119.1°EBangabandhu 14625 H
119.1°EBangabandhu 110805 V
Channel NameGazi Television or GTV
Country Bangladesh 
Owned byGazi Satellite Television Limited
Language Bengali 
Headquarters25 Segun Bagicha, Dhaka-1100, Bangladesh 

BISS (Basic Interoperable Scrambling System) for satellite signal scrambling, developed by Europeans broadcasting union (EBU) and devices manufacturer.

Using BISS the transmission is protected by a 12 digit “session key” that is agreed by the transmitting and receiving parties prior to transmission. The key is entered into both the encoder and decoder, this key then forms part of the encryption of the digital TV signal and only receivers with the correct key will decrypt the signal.

BISS is a system used on private feeds shared via satellite between organizations. Organizations like the EBU/Eurovision use BISS to distribute their content to partners securely.

Biss Control Words are static and are only changed by the Broadcasters when they need to. With this encryption, there is no decoding process as such just the final Biss Control Word.

Gazi TV New Biss Key and Frequency 

Gazi TV runs on two different satellites. One is Bangladesh home satellite Bangabandhu 119.1e and the other one is Thailand owned satellite Apstar 7 76.5e.

We will provide your information about both Bangabaundhu1 119.1°E and Apstar 7 76.5 °E. See the tables below to find out more information about the Gazi TV Frequency.

Gazi TV Bangabaundhu1 119.1°E

Channel NameGazi TV
Satellite Bangabaundhu1 119.1°E
Frequency 4760
Symbol Rate30000
Transponder4760 H 30000

Fortunately, in this satellite (Bangabaundhu1 119.1°E) Gazi TV HD follows NO security protocol. So it is free to air (FTA) no need to add biss key to this satellite.

Gazi TV APSTAR 76.5E
Channel Name Gazi TV
SatelliteAPSTAR 76.5E
Symbol Rate4800
Transponder3805 H 4800

Though GTV is free to air (FTA) sometime it shifts to Biss key. Here is the biss key:

Gazi TV New Biss Key 2021

Biss Key : 49 97 08 E8 D8 25 5B A7

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So overall, Gazi television is free to air television and sometimes it can shift to biss key. But don’t worries we have provided you the new Gazi TV biss key for you. Whenever, the channel asks biss key, just the above given new biss key.

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