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TSN1 Biss Key On Nimiq 6 at 91.1°W New Frequency

Biss Key TSN1 New Frequency On Nimiq 6 at 91.1°W

The Sports Network is an English-language sports channel in Canada, owned by CTV Specialty , a joint-venture between Bell Media and ESPN. The network launched its first channel on September 1, 1984 and has established itself as one of the top options for sports fans in Canada. It is commonly referred to by its acronym, TSN.

TSN offers live sports events, which are spiced up by their talk shows and other original programming. Throughout history, TSN has aired some top-caliber sports events, such as the National Hockey League, NBA games, MLS matches featuring Toronto FC and the Vancouver Whitecaps, along with for FIFA tournaments. Added to those events, TSN has aired UFC fights, NFL matches, motor sport events and tennis tournaments, such as Grand Slam events. TSN has reaped the benefits of their deal with ESPN, which has allowed the network to most of their partner’s content.

TSN was allowed by the Canadian Radio-and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) to operate multiple feeds with a limited number of alternative shows. Hence, TSN has four “sister” channels: TSN2, TSN3, TSN4 and TSN 5.

TSN offers a variety of options to get their signal, including HD (since 2003), Standard Definition and a state-of-the-art 4K feed, available in some regions since 2016.

Channel Name : TSN 1
Satellite : Nimiq 4
Position: 82.0°W
Transponder : 12311 R 21500
Frequency : 12311
Polarization: R
Symbolrate : 21500
Fec : 2/3
Beam : Canada
Channel Name : TSN 1
Satellite : Nimiq 6
Position: 91.1°W
Transponder : 12559 L 20000
Frequency : 12559
Polarization: L
Symbolrate : 20000
Fec : 7/8
Beam : Canada
Channel Name : TSN 1
Satellite : Anik F2
Position: 111.1°W
Transponder : 11989 V 20500
Frequency : 11989
Polarization: V
Symbolrate : 19510
Fec : 3/4
Beam :North America
Channel Name : TSN 1
Satellite : Anik F1
Position: 107.3 °W
Transponder : 11758 H 19510
Frequency : 11758
Polarization: H
Symbolrate : 19510
Fec : 3/4
Beam :North America

TSN1 Biss Key on Satellite New Frequency

Position Frequency Symbol System Encryption
111.1°W Anik F2
11837 V 20500, 2/3 Digicipher 2, 8PSK, MPEG-4, HD Digicipher
82.0°W Nimiq 4
12311 R 21500, 2/3 DVB-S, 8PSK Turbo, MPEG-4, HD Nagravision
91.1°W Nimiq 6
12559 L 20000, 7/8 DVB-S, MPEG-2 Nagravision

TSN1 New Biss Key 2022

FIFA World Cup
FIFA World Cup (2018-2026)
FIFA Women's World Cup
FIFA Women’s World Cup (2015-2023)
UEFA Euro (2021)

Bell Media has secured exclusive rights for the UEFA EURO 2020 competition in Canada. All 51 of the tournament’s games will be carried by Bell Media’s family of channels, including TSN and CTV. Matches will be shown live and on-demand in HD, along with exclusive supplementary features including signature documentaries, pre and post-match analysis, key highlights, and full coverage.

FIFA Confederations Cup
FIFA Confederations Cup (2015-2025)
UEFA Nations League
UEFA Nations League (2019-2022)
FIFA U-20 World Cup
FIFA U-20 World Cup (2019-2026)
UEFA Euro Qualifying
UEFA Euro Qualifying (2019-2022)
CONCACAF Champions League
CONCACAF Champions League (2018-2022)
FIFA U-17 World Cup
FIFA U-17 World Cup (2015-2025)
Copa América
Copa América (2021)

Bell Media has exclusive broadcast rights for the 2021 Copa América competition in Canada, and coverage will be provided by TSN and RDS.

TSN will be providing English-language coverage of the 2021 Copa América tournament in Canada. Matches will be shown live and on-demand, along with exclusive supplementary features, including key highlights, pre and post-match analysis, and full coverage.

FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup
FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup (2015-2025)
FIFA Futsal World Cup
FIFA Futsal World Cup (2015-2026)
FIFA U-17 Women's World Cup
FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup (2015-2026)
FIFA U-20 Women's World Cup
FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup (2015-2026)
Major League Soccer
United States – Major League Soccer (2017-2021)

TSN will air all 34 matches of both Toronto FC and Vancouver Whitecaps in Canada, during the 2020 MLS season. In addition, the network is expected to show up to 20 other MLS matches live. Every game will be available for subscribers to live on TSN GO’s web platform and mobile apps.

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