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BTV National New Biss Key On AsiaSat-7at105.5°East New Frequency

Biss Key BTV National New Frequency On AsiaSat 7 at 105.5°East

Bangabandhu @119.0E
Frequency: 11725 V 17500
Frequency: 4046 H 17500
SID: 0001
BISS KEY:3251 DC5F 1964 AB28

Btv National Biss Key & Frequency 2023 Asia Sat 3S

BTV National New Biss Key on AsiaSat 7 at 105.5°East Working TP 2023
Channel Name:
BTV National
AsiaSat 7 at 105.5°East
3690 V 11390
Today March 10/12/2023
CW Biss Key:
3251 DC5F 1964 AB28
Channel BTV National
Language Bengali
Transponder 3690 V 11393
Frequency 3960
Polarity V
Symbol Rate 11393
FEC 3/4
Quality/Format DVB-S
SID ________________
Encryption SD/clear
BTV National (Bangladesh Television) live World Cup or many other tournaments. BTV National is the administration TV system of Bangladesh. Despite the fact that PTV Sports shows the live ICC T20 World Cup. However, the issue with PTV Sports is that the biss key is continually changing throughout the match. This truly disturbs me.
BTV National is a superior alternative that shows the match on Asia Sat 105° East. The insights about the recurrence and biss key of the TV channel are recorded underneath. If it’s not too much trouble note that the biss key of  BTV National may likewise change. We will upgrade it at the earliest opportunity. You can additionally help us. If it’s not too much trouble make this a dialog and imparting spot for the biss keys throughout and after the World Cup. I trust you will help and participate in us. Details about the channel are listed below.
BTV National last updated 2021-03-22
Position Satellite Frequency
119.1°E Bangabandhu 1 4825 H
119.1°E Bangabandhu 1 10805 V
119.1°E Bangabandhu 1 11725 V

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