İctimai TV Azerspace 46E Frequency 2023

İctimai TV, which continues to be a popular television channel with its leading broadcasts within the borders of Azerbaijan, continues its broadcast on Azerspace, Hotbird and D-Smart platforms with its logo with the letter ITV arranged in blue, green and red colors inside the cubes side by side. In this respect, the channel, which continues to broadcast in Azerbaijani language, was first established on August 25, 2005 and started broadcasting after a short test broadcasting period. Standing out as a television channel that has always managed to stand out in the programs it prepares in line with its broadcasting approach, it becomes one of the most intensely followed channels from abroad, especially during tournament periods, as the channel that shares the Uefa and Champions League matches with the world both uninterruptedly and with high image quality. ITV, which narrates the matches in English and Azerbaijani languages, maintains its feature as a popular channel, especially since it broadcasts unencrypted in Europe. Apart from sports broadcasts, agenda, cultural and artistic programs are among the other broadcast formats, and the channel has a broadcast life of 12 years. With its many outstanding innovations in this period, it has been working on the basis of continuity from past to present and continues to broadcast television without slowing down, always with an uninterrupted and high image and sound quality understanding.


İctimai TV stands out in terms of its broadcasting principle, as a channel that always maintains its outstanding works with an understanding that continues to make high quality broadcasts among Azerbaijan channels. The current frequency information, which is currently broadcast, is as follows:

via the Azerspace satellite,

11175 frequency

27500 symbol rate

5/6 fec

It is possible to access the channel instantly by entering the current frequency information horizontally. In addition, the channel can be accessed instantly from the live broadcast section of the official website.

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